Phillies GM Klentak steps down; to be reassigned

4:19 PM ET

Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — Matt Klentak’s inability to lead the Philadelphia Phillies to the postseason or even a single winning season cost him his job as general manager.

Klentak stepped down after a third straight September collapse left the team out of the postseason for the ninth consecutive season. The 40-year-old will be reassigned to another position in the organization, and Ned Rice will serve as interim general manager until the Phillies hire someone to run baseball operations.

“We’ve made progress, but we haven’t made enough progress fast enough,” Phillies managing partner John Middleton said.

Klentak was hired in October 2015 by team president Andy MacPhail after serving as assistant general manager for the Los Angeles Angels for four seasons. The Phillies were 326-382 in five seasons under Klentak.

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Beyond that, the organization has struggled to develop talent in the minors leagues. The Phillies had the worst bullpen ERA in the majors this season, and it didn’t improve after Klentak acquired four veterans in trades. Each of those relievers pitched poorly after their arrival.

“I think the problem the Phillies have had for 100 years is they don’t evaluate talent,” Middleton

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