Celebrity 100% Hotter, the show that dramatically transformed Honey G last week, turned their attention to Irish singing twins Jedward in last night’s show.

Jon and Edward appeared on the show with their hair gelled up in the quiff style that the pair have become synonymous with. For the programme, they were given a more ‘mature’ look of black gowns and new hairdos.

They were generally impressed with the new look, saying ‘I think it’s really cool and I feel like we compliment each other.’ While John, who had the biggest change in hairstyle, said ‘It’s actually really great, I really like this. I feel very oriental. I feel like a warrior,’ Edward added: ‘I’ve never worn linen trousers, they are so see-through. I think I look cooler than John.’

Jedward get the #100PercentHotter makeover treatment on the telly!#TheGossipAccordingtoLuke pic.twitter.com/k2iesHMOeG

— 98FM (@98FM) January 12, 2018

Happy Good Night 😴💤 Precious angels I loved the show u were amazing&entertaining always a pleasure to watch u on screen tv gold I liked the makeover absolute model perfection you’re already hot af I’m glad u had fun&enjoyed it Edward ur such a badðŸÂ�’love it sweet dreams @JepicHQ pic.twitter.com/gogFU3ZZde

— ✨Effie Luminous✨ (@dolphinsrcool2) January 12, 2018

The reception online, however, was really mixed:

Jedward look awesome! Like the hair ðŸ’Â�ðŸ’Â� #100PercentHotter

— Ebony Smith (@ebonysaff) January 11, 2018

Wow wow wow ðŸ˜Â�ðŸ˜Â�ðŸ˜Â�ðŸ˜Â�ðŸ˜Â�ðŸ˜Â�ðŸ˜Â� #Jedward #100PercentHotter

— Gemma JEDWARD 😊 (@GemmaTweddell) January 11, 2018

#100PercentHotter I’m liking the styles buttttttt it’s up to @JepicHQ what they choose to do. Least they gave it a try ✨🙌ðŸÂ�»

— Melissa Alice Rose 🦄 (@MeInW0nderland) January 11, 2018

Jedward’s one style….is 100000 percent better than what these people have done to them #100percenthotter

— Lisa #TeamJedward (@LisaHafey) January 11, 2018

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