He’s behind you!

Presley Peterson from Melbourne, Florida, loves the Jonas Brothers. As in, truly adores them.

just a reminder that I would take out a loan to see the Jonas brothers in concert

— Presley Peterson (@presleysrawr) October 19, 2016 

i wonder if the people sitting next to me can hear the Jonas brothers music I’m blaring rn

— Presley Peterson (@presleysrawr) September 15, 2016

Thus she was proper jeal upon discovering that her mother, Cheryl Potts, had an encounter with one of its members, Nick Jonas.

Cheryl had been sending Presley pictures of herself and Presley’s father on holiday in Hawaii and one particular photo caught Presley’s eye.

Nick Jonas was himself sharing pictures from Hawaii at the time but Presley never thought he’d end up in the same room, let alone at the table directly behind, her mum.

The Jonas fan shared the following on Twitter, much to the delight of the internet.

Via Twitter

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