Pinellas GOP to Spectrum: Take down ‘false’ Bob Gualtieri ad

Richard Coates, the attorney for the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, is asking Spectrum to remove television advertising blasting Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri over alleged mishandling of rape investigations.

In a letter Friday, Coates argued the ad contains false information and violates state statute.

At issue is an ad and at least one mailer paid for by the Florida Democratic Party supporting Democratic Sheriff candidate Eliseo Santana. The ads accuse Gualtieri of down-playing rape accusations, a topic both Republicans and Democrats criticize for politicizing rape victims.

But the letter makes no reference to the actual content of the television ad. Instead, it highlights fine print in which the Democratic Party listed candidates it recommends this election — incumbent Rep. Jennifer Webb in House District 69 and Democratic candidate Jessica Harrington in House District 64.

“(Florida Statute) requires any advertisement offered on behalf of a candidate be approved by such candidate or candidates. Any such contention that all of the referenced candidates have approved the Ad is false and the Ad is illegal,” the letter reads. “The purpose of this letter is to notify you of the specific false statements, and a demand that you not continue to run the

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