Poll: Fans still won't go to games without vaccine

3:25 PM ET

The majority of American sports fans are waiting for the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine before they feel comfortable returning to the bleachers, according to a new study conducted this past weekend.

Two-thirds of the survey respondents said they would not attend an indoor sporting event without a vaccine — even if masks and social distancing measures were being enforced in the arena. Among respondents who identified themselves as sports fans, 60% said they were waiting for a vaccine.

For outdoor sporting events, 58% of all respondents said they also were waiting on a vaccine rather than trusting personal protective equipment or social distancing to keep them safe in a large crowd.

The survey, conducted by Seton Hall University’s Sharkey Institute, collected answers from 1,506 adults from across the country. The responses were collected from Nov. 13 through Nov. 16 — roughly one week after Pfizer announced that an early trial showed it had developed a COVID-19 vaccine that was more than 90% effective.

A similar poll conducted in April, weeks after the sports world came to a sudden halt, found that 72% of Americans were unwilling to attend any kind of sporting event (indoor or

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