Poll shows Donald Trump underperforming in bellwether Hillsborough County

If Hillsborough County is a bellwether for the state, it doesn’t look good for President Donald Trump.

A St. Pete Polls Survey conducted Tuesday, likely before voters were able to view the first presidential debate, which didn’t start until 9 p.m., showed Trump underperforming in the county compared to his results against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Trump registered just 42% support among all polled voters in the county compared to former Vice President Joe Biden’s 55%. In 2016, Clinton carried Hillsborough with just 52% of the vote.

Perhaps more bad news for Trump, Hillsborough voters don’t appear to be breaking for third party candidates in the numbers seen four years ago when much of the Bernie or Bust crowd either wrote his name in, stayed home or voted third party.

That year, 3.8% of Hillsborough voters cast a ballot for a candidate other than Trump or Clinton. The St. Pete Polls survey shows only 1.5% of voters planning to vote third party.

And there’s not a lot of wiggle room for Trump — only 1.4% of voters indicated they were still undecided.

It’s just one of Florida’s 67 counties, but it’s one of the most

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