The votes have been counted on the national level. Reality is setting in: Donald Trump is president-elect — despite the best efforts of the most aggressive political machine in history.

There are, of course, aggregations of who won and who lost on the national level. But due to the unique position of Duval County as a swing county in a purple state, and due to the unique role of local players, winners and losers in this Northeast Florida region abound.


Susie Wiles: Give her the credit she’s due. If it hadn’t been for the decision weeks back to have Wiles replace Karen Giorno atop the Trump campaign in Florida, there very well might be a different person as president-elect today.

There certainly would be a different Florida winner.

Wiles presented a stabilizing force. The veteran Jacksonville operative led key organizational decisions (as POLITICO reported, Wiles agitated to ensure sufficient resources were devoted to absentee ballots, a category in which the 62,000-vote GOP advantage statewide cut into the 155,000 vote Democratic advantage during early voting).

As well, Wiles was good at translating Trump’s stump persona to members of the Florida political media. Her decades of credibility meant she was able to meaningfully frame Trump’s populist appeals and flourishes as a means to an end, not as the end itself.

Lenny Curry: The Jacksonville mayor was not on the ballot, and his big pension reform referendum was in August. Curry was pilloried, including by this writer, for his decision to serve as master of ceremonies during the Trump visit to Florida ahead of that referendum. Curry’s explanation of that move was typically pragmatic, boiling down to supporting the Republican candidate as a Republican.

Did the Trump support hurt Curry? He got 65 percent on that August referendum, with internal polling from his operation showing that

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