Postseason baseball, this is Fernando Tatis Jr.

2:49 AM ET

Jeff PassanESPN


ESPN MLB insider
Author of “The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports”

You’re looking at the wrong thing.

It’s understandable. A bat goes flying in the air, end over end, propelled into the night in a fit of passion, and it inevitably draws every eye laid upon it. There is something magnetic about a bat flip, and the one Fernando Tatis Jr. unleashed Thursday night — the night he introduced himself to baseball’s postseason with his trademark vigor — was oozing with polarity.

After watching it once or twice or 500 times — any number is acceptable, honestly — make sure to check the side view. And at the first half-flip or so of the 3½ revolutions of the bat’s ultimate journey, pause it, slow it down, scrub it at quarter speed.

Since he was a child, Fernando Tatis Jr. has lived to play. This year, the game needs him just as much as he needs it. Jeff Passan »

Look at Fernando Tatis Jr.’s eyes.

For someone so jovial, so full of joie de vivre that it’s

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