‘Powder Kagan:’ HD 29 Democrat amused by nickname Republicans gave her

“Powder Kagan?”

“That cracks me up,” said Tracey Kagan, the Democrat running in House District 29. She referred to the nickname slapped on her by the Republican Party of Florida in a new mailer sent to Seminole County voters making her look like a radical, riotous street protester.

The RPOF mailer is not intended to amuse anyone. It mixes scary pictures of riotous street protests from somewhere outside Florida with pictures of Kagan appearing at one or two protests in Central Florida.

The text suggests that Kagan’s appearance at Black Lives Matter protests this past summer makes her the kind of radical who wants to burn cities and defund the police.

“Tracey Kagan doesn’t just identify with the fire starting Anarchists and Radicals … she walks by their side!” screams the mailer.

“Marching with the Mob. Defund police. Destroy property. Disrupt lives. Today’s mindless mobs are in your face with their angry agenda and Tracey Kagan isn’t keeping her distance. In fact, Kagan is right in the middle of it all! She proudly took to the streets earlier this summer when outside agitators descended on Orlando. She clearly chose their side, waiving her sign and

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