Was He The Lottery Winner? The clerk at the Shell station in Three Rivers that sold the winning $310 million Powerball ticket says a man came in at shortly after 9 a.m. apparently bearing the winning ticket.

THREE RIVERS, MI —  The Shell station on Michigan Avenue in Three Rivers was abuzz with the news Thursday morning that the winning $310.5 million Powerball ticket had been purchased the ticket right here.
Rumors were flying about who the big winner was, but no one was naming names.
“I’m protecting my friends, I have to do that,” said store manager Regina Bontrager, who said she had learned the person’s identity.
Earlier, she wasn’t so sure. She had heard via Facebook that it was a supervisor at a local plant.
But minutes later, a man who appeared to have the winning ticket showed up to confirm the numbers with clerk June Evans, who watched as each number appeared to match. He quickly turned and left, stopping after a step to return and ask her not to tell anyone.
Minutes later that man, who gave his first name as Tommy, told the Kalamazoo Gazette he was not the winner.
“It’s definitely not me. I’m not the guy that hit the lottery,” he said. “It would have been awesome. Most of the money would go to churches and charities, that’s what I would do if I won.”
A man who stopped in to buy coffee at the station said he knows the man who bought the wining ticket, along with his fiancée. “He’s been pacing around his backyard all morning,” the man said.
Ronie Thurmand, who buys coffee at the Shell station every morning, said he thinks he knows who won, a local man whose Facebook page says he is, indeed, in a relationship. Attempts to reach him by phone were not immediately successful.
“I was happy for the guy who won,” said Thurmand, who insisted he’s not overly envious.
“Money is nice but having wonderful friends is a lot better,” he said.
The winning ticket matched all five numbers – 21-39-40-55-59 – and the Powerball 17. The lump sum cash option on the winning ticket is $197.4 million, according to the Michigan Lottery.
Bontrager said as of late Thursday morning that she had not yet heard from the state lottery officials about what part of the winnings will be returned to the …Read More