President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Donald Trump both made plays in the Jacksonville media market Thursday.

Each man gave a speech; Trump in the early afternoon, then President Obama later on.

One man looked presidential. The other was left gasping for air.

Donald Trump gave a speech intended as a blasting indictment of Hillary Clinton, yet the optics under-delivered.

There are those who say entry was closed at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, where the speech was held.

Maybe that was the case. But there was plenty of standing room in the back of the house, and even room to sit up top.

And though the front of the house was packed and looked that way in photographs, the crowd was a fraction of Trump’s previous Jacksonville rally in August, which saw the candidate filling the Veterans Memorial Arena downtown.

As has been the case during all of Trump’s rallies, the crowd began to leave halfway through the speech; as if they saw the spectacle and wanted to beat the traffic.

And, though he tried, he couldn’t quite get the local color right: he talked up JAXPORT, but called it “Jack Port.”

Soon after, President Obama gave a speech across town at the University of North Florida.

Here’s a measure of how good a politician he is: he started off the speech with the UNF Osprey “swoop,” which has become iconic in recent years, but never more so than Nov. 3, 2016.

The 6,000 seat UNF Arena: packed, with a line of people outside who couldn’t get in, and an overflow room.

Yes, there were people who got to the Trump event before the break of dawn.

That was true for the Obama event, where at least one reporter commented that students started lining up at 1 a.m.

Obama, who gave essentially the same speech he did in Miami earlier in the day,

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