President of Central Florida company warns of layoffs if Biden wins presidency in letter to employees

ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) – Workers at a Central Florida company are wondering about their job futures, and whether that has anything to do with how they vote.

The head of that company put letters in pay stub envelopes saying if President Trump doesn’t win re-election, they might lose their jobs.

Our NBC affiliate station WESH 2 News spoke to some of the 170 employees as they were heading home from Daniels Manufacturing in Orlando, where a Trump banner is displayed on the flag pole out front.

Some said they were voting for Trump, while others we spoke to said they were upset to receive a letter obtained through a company source from DMC president George Daniels.

The company which makes tools and electronics for the aerospace, military and aircraft industries has been weathering the economic downturn.

The letter warns: “If Trump and the Republicans win (the election), DMC will hopefully be able to continue operating, more or less as it has been operating lately.”

“However, if Biden and the Democrats win, DMC could be forced to begin permanent layoffs beginning in late 2020 and/or early 2021.”

“Everybody has a choice to make their own decision,” employee Stan Smith said.


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