President Trump Says He's Not Cutting Special Olympics Funding

President Trump Won’t Cut Special Olympics Funding I’ve Overridden My People

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President Trump heard the outrage loud and clear, ’cause he just announced that he will NOT seek to cut nearly $18 MILLION in funding from the Special Olympics.

Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed cutting nearly every cent of funding to the organization earlier this week … and people were PISSED.

TMZ Sports even spoke to WWE legend and Special Olympics ambassador — Big Showwho called the idea “bulls**t.”

Now, Trump is putting an end to all that talk … telling reporters at the White House that he’s given the order to fund the organization — like was originally planned.

“The Special Olympics will be funded,” Trump said … “I just authorized the funding of the Special Olympics. I have overridden my people.”

So, that means the organization which works hundreds of thousands of kids will get the nearly $18 million they were allocated. 

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