Presidential contender Steve Bullock headed to Tampa Tuesday to raise money

Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock will come to Tampa later this month for his first Florida fundraiser.

Justin Day, one of the top Democratic bundlers in Florida, will host a reception on June 25 for the Montana Governor.

Day notably came out in favor of Bullock immediately after the candidate announced his White House campaign.

In an email to potential supporters, he continued to sound praise for Bullock.

“Gov. Bullock could have jumped in the race earlier like so many other candidates, he could have spent time speaking to political insiders on cable news, he could have traveled the country raising money, but he didn’t,” Day wrote.

“Instead, the Governor put people over politics, and ensured 100,000 citizens of Montana have access to affordable healthcare.”

Day also shared a video featuring Montana constituents praising the Governor for convincing a Republican Legislature to continue Medicaid expansion. The program provides for 90,000 low-income Montanans in a state with 1 million residents.

That late entry does hold political consequence. Bullock, one of 23 candidates in the 2020 Democratic field, didn’t qualify for first round debates.

But he’s finding his way to Florida this summer nonetheless.

“Because he did

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