Pressure mounts, rifts emerge at Fox News over election

The steady counting of votes that has moved Democrat Joe Biden closer to the presidency is exposing rifts at Fox News Channel, the influential media outlet that is the favorite for many supporters of President Donald Trump.

Despite intense pressure from Trump’s team, Fox’s decision team has stood fast with its election night call of Arizona for Biden. Fox has Biden with 264 electoral votes, and if Fox calls either Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada or North Carolina for the Democrat, that would give him enough to win the presidency.

Fox anchor Bret Baier fact-checked Trump after the President took to a White House podium Thursday evening to claim the election was fraudulent and that he was being cheated.

“We have not seen the hard evidence,” Baier told viewers.

Fox carried Trump’s entire speech, as did CNN, whose anchors denounced Trump sharply when it was done. CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC all cut away from the President to say he was spreading falsehoods, a decision that “Fox & Friends” anchor Brian Kilmeade said on Friday was arrogant.

The New York Post, like Fox a news organization owned by Rupert Murdoch and a Trump ally during the campaign,

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