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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t played a home game with this much at stake in nearly a decade.

An outside shot at clinching a postseason berth. A perennial playoff contender and recent Super Bowl champion in town. A chance to prove they belong among the NFL’s elite.

Some might even call Sunday’s matchup against the Seattle Seahawks (8-4) a “statement game.” Not the Jaguars (8-4).

Jacksonville refuses to acknowledge what a victory against the 2014 Super Bowl champions would mean, even if everyone else does.

“Y’all hype up who y’all want to hype up,” said Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, chiding the media . “Y’all don’t hype up who y’all don’t. We were sorry last year, but we’re not this year. We ain’t talking about last year.”

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Maybe not. But for a team that lost 74 of 96 games over the previous six seasons and hasn’t been this close to the playoffs in December since 2010, putting itself in this position is a huge turnaround and should be part of the discussion.

“You all have to stop doing that,” Ramsey said. “The media, y’all do that too much. Y’all been hyping people up; y’all hype teams. Stop doing that. Y’all got to stop doing that. It’s a new year. It’s a new league — everything.

“There are new big dogs around the NFL. Stop doing that. Stop hyping people up.”

If the Jaguars are one of the “new big dogs,” then facing Seattle late in the season should be the measuring stick. After all, the Seahawks are an NFL-best 20-5 in regular-season games in December and January.

But the Jaguars aren’t willing to go there.

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