This year’s Island Boat Show features fishing seminars from four of the Keys’ best Captains, who will be revealing the tricks and techniques pros use when fishing yellow tail, dolphin, swordfish, shark, tarpon, reef fish, and baiting.

Capt. Rich Tudor, one of the more recognizable personalities in the Keys’ fishing scene, says the seminars are a great way to learn some of the methods to catch fish when the guy next to you isn’t. Alongside Capt. Tom Rowland, the two rank as one of the top competitive inshore saltwater fishing teams around, and together co-host NBC’s Saltwater Experience out of Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key.

Tudor will be conducting seminars all three days of the fundraiser, and will cover a range of topics that include tarpon fishing, yellowtail fishing, and bay and gulf fishing. His yellowtail seminar can benefit anglers at any experience level.

“Some of the things I’ll be talking about will be on which lines and leaders to use, chumming techniques, finding the right locations to fish, and tips on how to catch some of the bigger ones,” said Tudor.

Tudor, whose favorite fish is always the “best available,” said hauling up 25-inch yellowtail snappers is not uncommon.

When pressed for a hint on hooking larger yellowtail, he simply replied, “Guess you’ll just have to attend the seminar.”

Capt. Sam Milazzo is slated to cover swordfish and dolphin fishing. His discussion will cover topics that include setting the rig, responding to bites, and sealing the deal.

“You have to put your time in,” he said. “Those guys who are constantly putting up pictures of swordfish go constantly. When it comes to fishing, there are so many variables, especially sword fishing. I was 0 for 40 on hookups before I learned the right techniques.”

He said those techniques

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