A small group of people met up at the edge of Lake Eola bordering Rosalind Avenue, all carrying signs and ready to protest Donald Trump‘s presidency Friday afternoon — though, his name was not mentioned at all by many protesters on purpose, so as not to give him credit for their passion.

They were few in number at first, all confused as to where the protest was supposed to take place. One young girl, Alex Mist with online group Anonymous, said she was there to “start a revolution.”

“We have elected a fascist, a bigot, a sexist man,” she told FloridaPolitics.com. “That is not our country. It’s not democracy. We want to start a revolution and overthrow the oligarchy of America.”

Few others had come with such ardent goals — others, like LGBT resident John Palys, came simply to show solidarity and unity with their fellow Orlandoans who had vowed not to give into hate.

“People think they can get away with things now,” he said. “The KKK and Neo-Nazis. I was already called an [anti-gay slur] walking home from work yesterday. I want to show them I will fight, I will be strong, I will not back down.”

The protest swelled at the other end of Lake Eola, where crowds nearing a thousand people chanted in unison: “Not my president!” They switched it up later, with the women in the audience first shouting “My body, my choice!” and the men following with “Her body, her choice!”

Protest organizer City Tucker with the Black Lives Matter movement emphasized throughout that this was to be a peaceful protest, to unify people and to show solidarity with minorities that were worried Trump and vice president Mike Pence could pass laws infringing upon their rights as Americans.

“We are the City Beautiful,” Tucker said. “Why

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