Protesters to convene on Marco Rubio’s, Rick Scott’s homes to demand challenge to Joe Biden win

Supporters of Donald Trump plan to protest outside the homes of both of Florida’s Republican U.S. Senators. Their demand? Reject the Electoral College totals that show Joe Biden won the race for President.

“Peaceful protests” will be held Saturday outside Sen. Marco Rubio’s home in Miami at 1:45 p.m. The same day, a similar rally will be held on a public beach behind Sen. Rick Scott’s Naples home at 2:45 p.m.

“The message we are trying to relay is that we want our elected officials to hear us not only as their voters but as Americans with real concern that our votes are being disenfranchised due to the wrong doings and lack of security in other states,” said Josh Sapienza, a Cape Coral activist. “That being said we demand our senators to stand up for us as Floridians and Americans and if they will not we want to make it very clear that they will not receive our votes again.”

Organizers, promoting the events through the website, say throwing out the results is the only way to save a stable American democracy. Critics, of course, see the rallies as advocating the exact opposite through the invalidation of a legitimate

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