Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Thoughts On an O.C. Reboot–And More Surprising Thoughts From the Star

6. My go-to guilty pleasure TV shows are any Bachelor shows. Bachelor Nation, definitely a fan.

7. For advice, I go to my best friends. They just know me the best and they’ll be honest and real with me and I am very grateful for that. They won’t lie, to a fault. 

8. I always said I wanted to be a teacher but now, having been a kindergarten teacher basically with my kid, I may change that. But that is always what I thought I wanted. I mean, teachers are amazing. Especially after this year, I am so grateful for teachers. They are incredible.

9. The celebrity I have been most star struck by is Larry David, hands down. He is my ultimate. 

10. What I miss the most about life pre-COVID is going out of the house. Being able to go to the market. I just miss seeing friends and family, especially having a daughter. But that’s why I am so grateful this holiday season, my daughter really wanted this Echo Dot Kids Edition. For her to be able to engage and have stories when she wants them, play her favorite music and engage in that way, it is kind of filling

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