Ranking the 12 weirdest things about Florida State's 2017 season - SB Nation | Florida Dispensaries

Ranking the 12 weirdest things about Florida State's 2017 season – SB Nation

FSU’s usually ranked, but few of the following things matter without realizing how far the Noles fell over the course of the season.

They kicked off the season with the biggest regular-season opener in college football history, against No. 1 Alabama. In the fourth quarter, quarterback Deondre Francois suffered a season-ending injury, and FSU lost, 24-7. It all went downhill from there — by late September, the Noles fell out of the Top 25.

After a close loss to Louisville which brought the Noles to 2-4, Fisher had, um, a moment with a fan:

Fan in the stands: “New Coaches, New Coaches!”. Jimbo Fisher in response: “Bring your a@# down here and say that!”. Whoa. FSU loses 31-28 pic.twitter.com/QJBCf9Kkz3

— joe rondone (@joerondone) October 21, 2017

This non-touchdown was the defining moment of FSU-Florida 2017:

This gave the Noles their very first win of the season:

And they were tied with Duke at 10 in the fourth quarter, eventually winning by a touchdown thanks to this:

Jimbo Fisher on Sirius XM about fan being removed at coaches show: “The man asked a question, he deserved an answer. I’m sorry we did that. I am loyal. We’re busting our tails 16 hours a day. No decision has been made. We’re busting our tails to make a bowl game”

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) November 30, 2017

You might have forgotten about that one! In late October, Florida State went to BC with a 2-4 record. The Eagles wiped the floor with FSU, winning 35-3, scoring their most points ever against the Seminoles. The Noles were three games below .500 for the first time since Bobby Bowden’s debut in 1976.

In the middle of the Fisher-to-TAMU rumors, this gloriousness happened:


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