Ranking the Most Outrageous Moments From Tiny Pretty Things

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Tiny Pretty Things is so wild it’ll make you do a double take pirouette.

Now, is wild a good thing? In this case, we’re not so sure.

The Netflix teen drama, based on Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra‘s novel, tackles the highly-competitive ballet world by following fictional students at an elite Chicago-based school for budding ballerinas.

Prior to its release, Tiny Pretty Things was described as “Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars.” For more context, the series kicked off with newcomer Neveah (played by Kylie Jefferson) joining the Archer School of Ballet, where a star student mysteriously fell from a rooftop.

As fans of ballet content, including Center Stage and Dance Academy, we were immediately sold when the Tiny Pretty Things trailer dropped. Everything from dance numbers to hot hookups to a potential murder was teased, so it was an easy sell.

However, after consuming the show in one weekend, we found ourselves asking, “What the heck did we just watch?”

Yes, Tiny Pretty Things delivered on the drama it promised. Yet, as each episode tried to top the previous one’s outrageous moments, the show got increasingly

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