Read Mark Consuelos' Birthday Tribute to “Sexy” Wife Kelly Ripa

“Kelly, happy birthday! 50—wow! I am sending you the best of wishes as you come into—I’m telling you—the most incredible decade of your life,” the TV legend began. “I remember when I turned 50, Maya [Angelou] said to me, ‘Baby, the 50s are everything you’ve been meaning to be.’ So I say the same to you: Who you are meant to be comes through in full force in this decade. So celebrate all the goodness to come.”

Oprah also added, “I tell you, when COVID is over, you have an open invitation to join me for lunch in Santa Barbara in my garden, and we will toast surviving a pandemic and raise a glass to your 50th birthday.”

The OWN mogul also advised Kelly to not pull a Gwyneth Paltrow on her birthday.

“And by the way, spare Lola,” Oprah said. “No need to go posting in your birthday suit on Instagram. Spare Lola, okay? Happy Birthday!”

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