Ready for a rematch: Matt Gaetz itches to ‘endorse the Trump 2024 movement’

Could President Donald Trump, still a fixture in the White House, yearn for a return four years hence?

If that’s the case, he has some preemptive backing from a figure familiar in the Sunshine State and beyond.

A Congressman from Florida is ready to “endorse the Trump 2024 movement whenever the President wants to ignite it.”

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz made the comments Saturday night on Watters World on the Fox News Channel, a brief appearance in which the Congressman linked President-elect Joe Biden to two Republican heavyweights of a bygone era.

“He wants to reach out to Republicans, but he’s reaching out in all the wrong places,” the Congressman said, “It seems he wants to import the foreign policy of Dick Cheney and the trade policy of Paul Ryan.”

While the gratuitous slams of the former Vice President and Speaker of the House are useful signals to the America First crowd, Gaetz’s willingness to look ahead represents a rhetorical departure from an appearance on Fox News 48 hours prior.

On Fox News with host Sean Hannity, the Panhandle Republican made a provocative assertion, saying errant voting machines “changed more votes than Vladimir Putin ever did.”

Gaetz was discussing “Dominion Software Systems,” the

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