More support from California progressive billionaire Tom Steyer is on the way for Andrew Gillum.

Advisers to Steyer, who finances left-leaning organizations NextGen America and For Our Future, told the New York Times on Tuesday that approximately $5.2 million has been directed to aid Gillum’s bid for the Governor’s Mansion. About half will go to digital advertising, and nearly $2 million will be tailored toward get-out-the-vote efforts, according to the Times.

Steyer in late June backed Gillum’s primary race. Then, Gillum had been considered an underdog. In total, Steyer spent about $1.4 million backing the Tallahassee Mayor’s ultimately successful win in a crowded, five-way race.

“He’s been willing to talk plainly to Florida voters, and they’ve responded,” Steyer told the Times. He also called Gillum a “fierce gun control person” and “climate champion.”

Steyer believes the money going toward Gillum will help aid Bill Nelson‘s reelection bid. The incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator faces a tough challenge from Republican Gov. Rick Scott in 2018.

“If it works in 2018 for Andrew Gillum, it will work in ’18 for Senator Nelson,” Steyer told the Times. He said more of his money will go to Florida this cycle

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