The Republican Party of Florida sent out two attack mailers against Jennifer Webb tying her to special interests that support policies conservatives oppose.

The mailers landed in House District 69 voters’ mailboxes this week.

Webb is running against Republican Ray Blacklidge for the seat currently held by Republican Kathleen Peters.

“Big business special interests often use government to bully the little guy and Jennifer Webb is a friend of the special interest,” one ad reads.

That ad claims Webb’s special interest donors would stop pay increases for teachers, enrich health care corporations at the expense of patients and consumers and raise taxes that would hurt small businesses.

The ad offers several citations for its claims. The ad references a 2011 lawsuit filed by the Florida teachers union alleging the state’s teacher merit pay law violated employee’s rights to collective bargaining.

The lawsuit was not aimed at denying teacher pay raises, rather sought to ensure pay raises were facilitated in a way the union deemed fair and equitable.

The GOP mailer references an Investopedia list of industries “that benefit from Obamacare” that includes insurance providers, hospital operators and the pharmaceutical industry.

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