Republicans make voter gains in every close congressional district

Republicans’ efforts to hold their congressional seats in purple districts and flip any of the Democrats’ congressional seats got across-the-board boosts with the GOP’s dominant voter registration efforts over the past 10 weeks.

Republicans made voter registration gains in every purple congressional district in Florida since July 20, the last time the Florida Division of Elections locked in the vote registration. Those congressional districts that were leaning red got redder. Those leaning blue got more purple.

Of Florida’s 27 congressional districts, there were only 11, after voter registration book closing for the Aug. 18 primary, in which the gaps of voter registration favored one party or the other by less than 10 percentage points.

Any spreads between Republican and Democratic voter registration greater than 10 percentage points usually makes for long-shot bids by challengers from the weaker party. That meant 16 of Florida’s 27 congressional districts were not terribly competitive, if at all.

Now there is one fewer district where the gap is single digits.

Republicans managed to pad their voter registration over Democrats enough in Florida’s 12th Congressional District to push the Republicans’ advantage to 10.6 percentage points. That’s up from the 9.8-point advantage

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