Retail Store Manager


50 plus hours per week

Must be 21 years old or more

Must have at least 3 years exp as a store manager.

Must be able to pass a Level II background check

Must be able to pass drug screen

Degree is a plus.

Must be computer friendly and be fluent in excel and word.

Job Functions

  • Hire, Evaluate, Train, Manage, Terminate, Discipline all dispensary staff
  • Ensure the training and following of all operating procedures and state rules and regulations including drug tests and background checks.
  • Create and manage employee schedule and ensure that enough staff is hired to avoid overtime and staff the location.
  • Assure there is a minimum of 2 workers on site 24 hours a day
  • Assure a minimum of 2 workers accompany all deliveries.
  • Keeps inventory in perfect order and assures proper quantity
  • Count all cash received, sort in rubber bands with amounts at $2,000.00, then keep locked in the safe.
  • When the store is not busy or in the case of an employee no show the manager is expected to fill the open position and assure the below is done:
  • Expedites recommendation processing by performing all duties necessary and allowable, by policy or law
  • Consults regularly with the Manager / PCs for the purpose of expediting the processing of recommendations
  • Performs all functions or duties under the direct supervision of the Manager / PC on duty
  • Gathers patient’s demographic and any other information necessary to fill a new/refill recommendation.
  • Verifies with patient carefully any information that is not clearly distinguished on any new recommendation, including but not limited to patient’s name, physician’s name, etc.
  • Enters patient information into system if Concierge has not.
  • Creating labels or other items as required for all new/refill recommendations.
  • Selects products for recommendation, counts, places in appropriate area in accordance with all regulatory laws and places completed recommendation in area for cashier to complete the order.
  • Receives refill requests from patients and processes through to completion and places in area for cashier to complete the verification step.
  • Greets customers as they arrive to drop off/pick up recommendations
  • Processes cash register transactions for new and refilled recommendations if so assigned to that duty. Then will track the time in that position so to properly allocate it to the cashier duty.
  • Ensures necessary communications are provided to the customer, such as special instructions, directions regarding products if an item is out of stock and must await delivery, etc…
  • Arranges customer consultations with Manager / PC, when requested
  • Ensures that Manager / PC is notified when recommendations, which are not refills, are being dispensed to the customer so that the Manager / PC can comply with necessary patient communications
  • Answers incoming calls, directs to Manager / PC, when appropriate, such as new recommendations, questions about medication, judgmental decision, etc.
  • Files recommendation books or new recommendations
  • Files patient profiles
  • Actively engages patients and clients with respect to customer service programs offered by the dispensary.
  • Checks items for appropriate ‘shelf life’ remaining before expiration
  • Affixes price stickers to the items ordered and places on stock shelves or in refrigerator, when required
  • Checks stock to remove outdated items, as often as deemed necessary by the manager
  • Cleans shelves and work areas and maintains entire premises in a satisfactory state of cleanliness
  • Maintains knowledge of loss prevention policies and procedures
  • Other duties may be assigned (may include associate-related duties depending on available staff) & responsibilities as needed.

Trulieve is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Retail Management: 4 years (Preferred)
  • retail: 1 year (Preferred)

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