Speaker-designate Richard Corcoran on Tuesday night said his GOP majority “had a great election night,” despite what he called “unprecedented electoral obstacles.”

“We won seats that Republicans lost four years ago and despite predictions of Democratic waves in South and Central Florida, we brought home our Republican incumbents, who will be joined by an outstanding class of change-oriented new members,” he said in a statement.

“We encouraged our Republican candidates to stick to their principles, focus on their communities, and ignore the national political noise,” the Land O’ Lakes Republican said. “House Republicans brought their conservative reform message to the people of Florida who responded by returning an overwhelming Republican majority to the Florida House.

“The message from the 2016 election cycle is that voters are hungry for leadership and desperate for change,” Corcoran added. “The new House Republican majority is ready and eager to embrace that challenge. It’s time to start cleaning up the political process, shutting down the influence of special interests, and bringing to the people of Florida the prosperity and opportunity that they deserve.”

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