The new rules of the Florida House of Representatives, among other things, will increase the ban on former members lobbying their colleagues from two years to six years, and prohibit state representatives from flying in aircraft owned, leased or otherwise paid for by lobbyists.

That’s according to a final copy of the rules, released Thursday by incoming House Speaker Richard Corcoran.

“It is time that government embodies the very highest of standards and serve citizens and not self,” he said in a statement. “The Florida House, in adopting these rules, will take a transformational leap into a new era of accountability, professionalism, transparency, and fairness.

“Those who cannot live up to the highest ethical and professional standards will find the Florida House a difficult place to work or visit,” he added.

The new rules also were endorsed by incoming House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz of Tampa.

“While we will have our policy differences, one thing we can all agree on is that special interests enjoy far too much influence and not enough transparency in policymaking in our state,” she said. “I look forward to letting my constituents know about this first in a hopefully long line of bipartisan achievements.”

One of many new rules would let House members refuse to consider bill amendments on the floor if they are issues of “first impression” that haven’t been vetted through the committee process.

Other rules that have already leaked out include heightened lobbyist registration requirements, such as disclosing every bill, amendment and individual appropriation they are trying to influence.

Another previously-disclosed item requires House members to file separate bills for each budget request they make, such as for hometown projects.

Corcoran, a Land O’ Lakes Republican, had begun hinting at his program as early as his closing remarks on the budget during

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