Rick Scott grills Florida’s Surgeon General on vaccine distribution failings

Florida’s former Republican Governor has no clue what the current Governor is doing to distribute coronavirus vaccines, and to that end he pressed the state’s current Surgeon General for answers Friday.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott wrote Surgeon General Scott Rivkees pressing for operational details in the state’s vaccine distribution plan.

Florida’s idiosyncratic approach to distributing the vaccine, one that deviates from Centers for Disease Control guidelines, has not been without incident, leading Scott to call for accountability as the state wrestles with distribution challenges.

The Senator identifies popular frustration with an administration distribution plan that has had a rocky beginning, with supply shortfalls and logistical failures abounding throughout the state.

“I am hearing from constituents who are having trouble getting information about the vaccine in their communities,” Scott asserted. “Many are unable to register through provided phone lines or websites, and are faced with extremely long lines to get the vaccine. What efforts are being undertaken to fix these issues and ensure coordination with local partners so Floridians have all the information they need about where to get the vaccine?”

Beyond the disconnect between municipalities and the elderly population trying to line up shots, Scott also honed

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