Rick Scott objects to Joe Biden win in PA; Marco Rubio and Senate uphold Electoral College vote

Florida’s U.S. Senators were split over an objection to the presidential election results in Pennsylvania.

Ultimately, the Senate’s objection failed, clearing one of the final hurdles in President-elect Joe Biden‘s victory.

Sen. Rick Scott voted in favor of the objection; his Senate colleague, Marco Rubio, voted no. The Senate rejected the objection without debate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said no other states’ votes will be challenged. That means Congress’ formal certification of Biden’s victory could finish quickly once the House votes on the Pennsylvania challenge.

Those objecting to Pennsylvania’s votes included 80 House Republicans and Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley, who is considered a potential 2024 presidential contender.

While the House has yet to vote on the objection and there are still slates of state electors to certify, including Pennsylvania’s, it was the last state facing an objection in both the House and the Senate. To receive a vote, an objection must be in writing and signed by at least one member of both the upper and lower chamber.

The U.S. Congress meets in a joint session between both chambers to certify election results. If there is a sustained objection that qualifies for a

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