Rick Scott pleads with Amy Coney Barrett backers to pressure Senators ahead of SCOTUS hearings

As uncertainty looms around the virus-positive President and the White House, Senate Republicans from Florida continue to wax confident about the prospects of Amy Coney Barrett‘s Supreme Court nomination.

Sen. Rick Scott, in a conversation Wednesday with Americans for Prosperity, asserted that despite hiccups in the process, optimism abounds for a Barrett confirmation this month.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is “absolutely committed” to getting the nomination through the Senate Judiciary Committee that he chairs, Scott said. And that will be timely, in terms of filling the spot before November 3.

“We’ll vote on her the last week of October,” Scott said, “sometime that week right before the election.”

The vote will have to be in person, a potential hurdle given that multiple U.S. Senators have been diagnosed with COVID-19. However, the committee hearings will be virtual.

Despite the apparently preordained outcome, Scott urged those who want the Barrett nomination to proceed to speak out on her behalf in the off chance his Republican colleagues go wobbly under pressure.

“Even if you really believe everybody’s going to vote the right way, do not take a chance,” Scott advised, urging people to contact Senators poised to vote to fill

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