Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday he has no interest in a job in the Trump administration.

“No,” he said when asked about it during a news conference.

“I’ve got 789 days left in this job. I ran to get this job twice, both hard-fought races. I believe in this state,” Scott said.

“I’ll do anything I can to help President Donald Trump to be successful. But I like this job, and I want to finish this job.”

Although he rarely campaigned with the GOP candidate, Scott had endorsed Trump and said his super PAC had raised $20 million to help him prevail in key states.

He called Trump’s election a “historic night for our country,” comparing it to his own election as an outsider in 2010.

“I was not the establishment candidate. There were a lot of Republicans that fought against me to win,” Scott said.

Of Trump’s win, he said: “The political elites are shocked, and a lot of them are dismayed. They just couldn’t believe this was happening to them. But the American people stood up and said, ‘We’re going to take our country back. We are not going to let Washington run our country. We don’t need Washington to tell us how to lead our lives.’”

Regarding other candidates for jobs in the new administration, Scott said Attorney General Pam Bondi would be a good choice.

“She works her tail off,” Scott said. “If I was President-elect Trump, it’s somebody I would look at.”

Scott acknowledged the challenges Trump will face as a chief executive of the United States with no government experience. He said faced the same challenge upon becoming governor.

“It’s so different than business,” he said.

“You’ve got to take the time and find god people,” Scott said. “We were able to do that, and I’m

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