Rick Scott pushes to lead Senate campaign committee in 2022: Report

U.S. Senator Rick Scott seeks to lead efforts to reinforce Republican ranks in the Senate in 2022.

POLITICO reported Friday that Scott planned to run to head up the National Republican Senatorial Committee in what is a big year for Republicans, with 21 seats up.

Scott, who contends he is “not focused” on a run for President in 2024, spent much of the fall supporting Republican candidates for Senate, with varying results but an unwavering commitment.

“I’m busting my butt to raise money to keep the Republican Senate,” he said late last month on the Fox News Channel.

“We know we need to keep the Senate so we’re going to fight to keep the Senate every day,” Scott told another interviewer.

The Senator made strategic forays to Texas, and to Arizona, where he campaigned for Senator Martha McSally.

Senator Scott ran a two-tracked message in the 2020 campaign, offering rhetorical support for President Trump while being careful to cultivate his national brand.

This led to Scott releasing two ads ahead of the election, one focused on the short term and another with more long-term messaging.

Scott late in October released two ads from his political committee. One was

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