Rick Scott says Joe Biden is ‘wrong’ for dodging court packing questions

On Monday, Sen. Rick Scott blasted potential “court packing” schemes under a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration.

Scott, in Texas raising money for potential “pickup opportunities” for Republican candidates, charged that Democratic nominee Biden “won’t tell us if he’ll pack the Supreme Court. That’s wrong.”

“Voters have a right to be informed,” Scott remonstrated. “That’s clearly wrong.”

The Senator made the comments on a Republican Party of Florida press call supporting the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, which was taken up Monday by the Judiciary Committee.

While the Barrett nomination appears to be a formality barring the unexpected, the prospect of court packing chills Republicans.

Biden has said he wouldn’t clarify his position until after the election is over, a non-answer that has emboldened Republicans from President Donald Trump downward to warn about the potential of a court expanded from the current nine justice threshold.

During what was a short Q&A after prepared remarks, the first-term Republican from Naples expanded on his thoughts, answering a question from a friendly reporter who is always one of the first questioners Scott addresses in these press calls. Among his contentions: that it’s “horrible what [Senate Democrats] are doing to pack

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