Rick Scott to Georgians: Democrats are radicals out to change America

Florida’s junior Republican Sen. Rick Scott is entering the Georgia Senate campaigns.

Scott’s Let’s Get to Work Political Action Committee is launching a TV commercial in the neighboring state in which he accuses Democrats of all the worst intentions.

“Georgia, don’t let these radicals change America,” Scott warns, and then walks off.

The ad will run statewide in Georgia for a week, starting Friday.

It’s not Scott’s first foray into the politics of another state. His PAC has launched similar pro-Republican ads in Iowa.

In part, he may be trying to expand his own political profile in advance of a possible 2024 run for President.

But now it’s also his job, or it will be in a few weeks.

On Tuesday Scott was elected chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, a position that will put him in charge of Senate Republicans’ efforts to make sure conservatives are elected to the Senate. Officially he’ll take over in early January.

Though officially that job does not apply now, he’s already at work in Georgia, where two 2020 Senate elections have gone into overtime with January runoffs.

In one Georgia Senate race, Republican Sen. David Perdue faces

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