Rick Scott warns that Joe Biden will have a ‘very difficult time standing up to progressives’

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott unsurprisingly sees the Georgia runoff elections for Senate as must win for a number of reasons.

Among those reasons: a 52-seat Republican caucus would present a “firewall” against what he expects to be a capitulation to the hard left in the executive branch.

Joe Biden is going to have a very difficult time standing up to progressives in his party,” the first-term Republican said on Fox News Radio Thursday.

Scott was chosen by colleagues this week to helm the National Republican Senatorial Committee and promises to be an active head of the Senate campaign arm from the start.

The Naples Republican is headed to Cumming Friday afternoon for a rally on behalf of Senate colleagues David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

The Senator, as he is quick to remind those listening, is running ads in Georgia promoting the Republican candidates. The runoff campaign, according to Advertising Analytics, has already cost $45 million.

Scott’s Peach State ad buy is a contrast spot that quotes Chuck Schumer saying that if Democrats can “take Georgia,” they can “change America.”

They are his first official act as head of the NRSC. If Republicans win, the Senate has 52 Republicans and some breathing room.

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