Rick Scott’s pre-debate advice for Joe Biden: ‘Clean up your problems’

Ahead of the first presidential debate, U.S. Senator Rick Scott offered advice for Joe Biden during a pre-debate “Conversation” event with the Republican Jewish Coalition and state Rep. Randy Fine.

Joe Biden‘s got to try to clean up his problems” and “separate himself from the Democrats,” Scott said.

“He needs to say he was always against the Iran deal somehow,” Scott said, noting that may be difficult because the rapprochement with Tehran was a Barack Obama initiative.

“They don’t want to fund Israel. They don’t support Israel,” Scott said, adding that Biden would have to also cleave himself from the party on other matters, such as “Defund the police, all this stuff.”

Scott’s words on Biden, though not particularly complimentary, come after several months of television appearances in which the first-term Senator has contended that Biden is uniquely ill-equipped as a candidate.

Among other things, Scott has contended that the massive Michael Bloomberg spend in the Sunshine State against President Donald Trump wouldn’t matter.

“The problem that Bloomberg has is that money’s not going to buy this election. If money bought elections, Mike Bloomberg would be the Democratic nominee,” Scott said.

The Senator, who buoyed three successful elections with

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