Rise Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Pinellas Park, FL

6999 US Highway 19 N.
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary – Now Open

A Rise dispensary in Pinellas Park is now open at open at 6999 US Highway 19 N to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of all-natural medical marijuana products. Servicing Pinellas Park, Largo, St Petersburg, Clearwater and Pinellas County in general, RISE cannabis products will include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

GTI Rise Dispensary in Pinellas Park currently offers Online Ordering/Phone Ordering for Medical patients, for Curbside Pick-up only. Walk-ins are not permitted.

Get a medical marijuana card from a participating medcard doctor near you.

Rise Products


RISE delivery in Pinellas County is available. Call ahead to confirm that your area is within this cannabis stores territory. There are several other Florida cannabis brands that delivering statewide.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to set an appointment.

RiSe Florida

What People Are Saying

Mike Stump
Mike S.
22:36 27 Jul 21
The BEST cannabis store in the area. Always have inventory and the staff is among the best to do it. Thank You!
Jesse Collins
Jesse C.
03:25 17 Jul 21
Best cbd and 1:1 options out of any of their competitors in Pinellas. Seriously, I did the research. They’re great. Try the 1:1 flower.read more
BoricuAna T
BoricuAna T
11:33 27 Jun 21
Amelya deserves 10stars… Thank you for your help. Your knowledge is exceptional along with that wonderful positive can-do attitude. Keep up that awesome customer service with a smile . With Appreciation, ATread more
Matthew Miller
Matthew M.
17:34 16 Jun 21
End to end great experience. From the front desk to the bud tenders. Excellent operation with excellent options and pricing.read more
S Wilkin
S W.
15:27 11 Jun 21
PRODUCT IS FABULOUS…However this store is always an inconvenience in some way or another. They are very behind on their payment options. No Canpay, No debit cards unlike every other Dispensary and unfortunately at this Location the employees are 50% amazing and 50% god awful. The amazing ones I feel bad for because the awful ones make the store almost intolerable to deal with. I avoid it because I don’t want to deal with the few negative energy miserable employees. The negative ones clearly just want to get out of there asap and don’t care about the quality of the customers experience. I hope this location can improve their customer service or I do not see them getting much of a influx in business. I recommed the products but not this location at all.read more
14:56 28 May 21
Some of the best service staff I’ve dealt with.And the product is high quality with many great specials. Very relaxed environment.read more
18:54 27 May 21
Some of the best service staff I’ve dealt with.And the product is high quality with many great specials. Vert relaxed environment.read more
brittany anello
brittany A.
21:08 05 May 21
Such a great place with fabulous people. Everyone is always so nice! Also they have great deals and endless options. Highly recommended!!!read more
Billie Marie Acevedo
Billie Marie A.
15:50 05 May 21
Had a lovely experience in store however was first time using product and I tried the minis and all 3 turned to fine powder consistency which made product very minimal and burn fast. Yet two of 3 had a lovely result. Thank you for your technology and commitment to good health and Happy 1st Anniversary too.read more
Kai Strauss
Kai S.
23:46 14 Apr 21
I can say HONESTLY after shopping exclusively @ Trulieve, RISE is LEGIT!!! Ive ALREADY fell in love with a few of your strains, so kudos for sure!!! Very chill folks running the place too. Check them out, you will NOT be disappointed.read more
15:02 27 Mar 21
Awesome place. Demarcus I think was his name was very informative and also very nice. I’ll be back.
22:47 25 Feb 21
Nice place, friendly staff, definitely coming back. Ashley was super helpful so shout out to her
Big Man
Big M.
16:45 09 Jan 21
They have a great variety for all your needs and the staff is very courteous and knowledgeable. They also give nice discounts especially to veterans. I recommend everyone go here!read more
Marc Belmonte
Marc B.
18:58 30 Nov 20
Leaning towards not coming back because of customer service (I can go other places for medicine & will if customer service isn’t there). Specifically, I understand it will be challenging when your organization has a Holiday sale… ENSURE YOUR STAFFED PROPERLY!I waited my 30-45 minutes on 11.25 just like everyone else. I finally entered, the tender explained the strains. When I asked for 1, she was informed to hold off on a particular strain since all internet orders weren’t filled (it was afternoon when I was in). Therefore, she said I couldn’t get this particular strain and when i suggested i could wait she didn’t even investigate! Just kind of stood there insisting i make up my mind with the other strains mentioned. NOT ANOTHER OPTION WAS OFFERED and to a GM of hotel, this is unacceptable. Schedule accordingly so patients aren’t being penalized for your lack of planning. Now we’re not wasting our time coming to you. Again, like I said, iit only takes once for me and I’ll be sure to share this experience with my followers.read more
NoLove Lost
NoLove L.
20:59 29 Sep 20
Jake at intake was awesome! He was friendly and knowledgeable which made my first visit more comfortable. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I was finally getting the help I need. Thank you DeMarcus for your help. These 2 made me feel welcome and they definitely knew what they were recommending. I will be returning soon and I recommend this location to all.read more
Drew Yamaha
Drew Y.
22:59 22 Sep 20
Fantastic product and awesome variety this is one of my favorite dispensaries, James is super helpful and super knowledgeable! Would recommend!read more
Staci Geller
Staci G.
21:33 19 Sep 20
Great products!
Jeff Simk
Jeff S.
05:38 05 Sep 20
Great dispensery and some very good products. The Julius caesar, and the velvet glove especially. Must have a medical marijuana card to shop there.read more
a O
a O
23:14 04 Sep 20
Their prices ARE getting better. I’ve honestly only been here 4x so dont really want to say I dislike it. I started coming back when Surterra raised their prices on their pure reserve oil and discontinued their rewards program, at the same time. RISE has a 3:1 concentrate LOVELACE that I LOVE for daytime use for many reasons. So I received a text buy 2 get then for 120. Then the other day had my drs appt and had to fill my flower before the next day. A customer of mine, also an mj patient told me rise finally has ground flower. I checked and they had 14gs for 40! To make it better, the guy in the waiting room told me I was supposed to get a bogo last time I was in (when I spent 75) and didnt so I could get 1 today. So it was bitter sweet I missed out on that free lovlace however it came in handy with my last 40$, day before payday. Cant beat that deal!! Oh they were GREAT strains for my pain and anxiety as well. Also their trim flower was better than any other I’ve tried, u still had to grind it a little which I liked, burned slower, it was even beautiful!read more
Josh Hutchinson
Josh H.
23:43 27 Aug 20
Angelica was very helpful, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with! Whole team did an outstanding job! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!read more
Mike Eaker
Mike E.
13:58 26 Aug 20
So first off if you never have been here before, check it out. Offer discounts for your first 4 purchases. No other dispensary does this. Was helped by JR on my first visit. He was fantastic. Went over all the products and help me find exactly what I need. 14 GM trim for $40 can’t beat it perfect for baking and not a bad smoke. All of their flower have been incredible. Tried one of the cart are just so far. It was easily within the top three that I’ve gotten from any dispensary. Second visit was dealt with by Marcus.he was great as well very professional help me find some new flower strains that I had not tried. Do yourself a favor and try the Julius Caesar or the sage and sour. Definitely one of my favorite dispensaries in the area.read more
Lela Energy
Lela E.
23:09 07 Aug 20
Marcus was an absolute pleasure. Very friendly and knowledgable. Product is very impressive and quick customer service. Thanks!read more
08:20 30 Jul 20
I was welcomed in like family here. A handful of free goodies were given to me and I got my first timer discount. They have 14g of trim here for 40$ or at least do at the time of writing this and it’s gas. I got multiple strains. Perfect for me. Their carts are also delicious. I will be coming back and it is out of my way past other dispensaries to get to.read more
Charlie Wells
Charlie W.
17:24 17 Jul 20
Rise is the best The people the products this company has got it act together thanks 😊 rise for being the best
Stephen Daggett
Stephen D.
17:44 16 Jul 20
Bought some pre rolls that looked good online but were miniature.. like half sized
Kathy Gendron
Kathy G.
13:42 10 Jul 20
They are great until you try and return something. Don’t let them take it to the back. They broke the seal…I showed him it wasn’t broken when I walked in.read more
Angel Of Chaos
Angel Of C.
13:07 13 Mar 20
Cool group of workers at this place. Very friendly, ready to help you. And they’ll even give you the low down on what’s good or not! One of my first picks to get flower!read more
Tucker Kemp
Tucker K.
20:47 25 Jan 20
Stopped in not knowing what I wanted or where to begin, and was cheerfully helped by their friendly and professional staff. Kylie patiently described each product and its properties so I could make an informed decision. Very impressed with their customer service ! I will be backread more
Elise Gates
Elise G.
02:30 09 Dec 19
Wow what can I say. From the minute I walked in to the time I left everyone were so nice and so helpful. This was my first time their and the made me feel right at home. All my questions were answered and they helped me with my order and suggested what would help. That is what I like , their experience showed. Would highly recommend Rise.read more
Anthony Thran
Anthony T.
01:39 06 Dec 19
This is my place. Always have product and the experience is always great. Great loyalty point system and the guy with dreads that checks you in at the front is perfect for that position. Knowledge, friendly and makes your wait (if there is a wait) fly by. If you can do pick up…. You’ll be in and out.read more
Luis Palau
Luis P.
22:03 25 Oct 19
Nice experience, good customer service, a bit wet behind the ears but effective. Not much privacy, people stand close by while at the counter. Prices were ok. Place is difficult to see if you’re moving quickly. It’s across the street from McDonald’s.read more
valerie maud
valerie M.
16:15 27 Aug 19
Beautiful store… lots of choices and the staff is informed and attentive. No tipping employees—it’s all donated to local advocacy groups and nonprofits like VETERANS CANNABIS PROJECT and VETERANS FOR CANNABIS.read more
valerie maud
valerie M.
16:15 27 Aug 19
Beautiful store… lots of choices and the staff is informed and attentive. No tipping employees—it’s all donated to local advocacy groups and nonprofits like VETERANS CANNABIS PROJECT and VETERANS FOR CANNABIS.read more
Meredith Hudson-Bourdeau
Meredith H.
23:32 10 May 19
The staff was super friendly and helpful. Good variety of flower. Nice open interior with beautiful antique furniture for displays. Nice glass jars.for the flower.read more
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