Rob Gronkowski's NFL Handcuffs Are Off & WWE Is Possibility, Says Mojo Rawley

WWE’s Mojo Rawley ‘Gronk’s NFL Handcuffs Are Off’ … The Beast Is Loose!!


Rob Gronkowski is no longer “shackled” by the NFL and the New England Patriots — and that means we could see him RUN WILD in the WWE very soon … so says his good friend, Mojo Rawley

Everyone knows Gronk LOVES pro wrestling — remember he made a cameo with Mojo at Wrestlemania 33 in 2017 — and people are speculating he could become a WWE superstar now that his NFL career is over

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We spoke with Mojo, who says he wouldn’t be shocked if Gronk turned his focus to the ring … and predicts it’s only a matter of time. 

The best part of this clip … Mojo strongly suggests the NFL and the Patriots pressured Rob into toning down his public persona to make sure he stayed out of trouble. 

But now, “without the shackles” … Gronk is a “whole ‘nother beast” and Mojo says he can’t wait to see Rob UNLEASHED!!

“Yo, let’s go, baby,” Mojo says in a video message for his pal  … “It’s time to turn up! The handcuffs are off!”

“You don’t have the

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