Robert Kraft Says Massage Video Illegally Obtained In Bogus Spygate

Robert Kraft Claims Massage Video Illegally Obtained … In Bogus Spygate

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Robert Kraft claims police surveillance footage showing him inside a Florida massage parlor is the result of an “unlawful sneak-and-peek search warrant” … and he’s demanding officials keep it under wraps. 

Kraft has filed fiery new documents in his prostitution case in Palm Beach County — slamming officials for putting hidden cameras inside of massage rooms as a ridiculous “governmental overreach.” 

“Florida resorted to the most drastic, invasive, indiscriminate spying conceivable by law enforcement — taking continuous video recordings of private massages in which customers would be stripping naked as a matter of course — in order to prosecute what are at most misdemeanor offenses.”

Kraft says because we do not live in a police state — and because government must answer to the rule of law — the tapes must never go public. 

The New England Patriots owner continues his attack … saying, “Law enforcement had no satisfying justification for going to such extreme, invasive lengths just to investigate run-of-the-mill suspicion of solicitation.”

Kraft says … because of other evidence collected in the case — including positive semen tests found in the spa’s

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