Ron DeSantis’ 5 o’clock news dump

It’s the oldest trick in the political playbook. 

If you have to unveil a turd, do it at 5 o’clock on a Friday. For as long as there have been newspapers, politicians have used the end of the media day at the end of a media week to make public those things that they truly hope the public won’t notice. Even with a 24-hour news cycle, this practice still persists – like this past Friday, when the 4:47 p.m. email came from the Governor’s Office, announcing that Ron DeSantis had signed 38 bills. Buried in the middle of the list was HB 5, a draconian measure designed to put an end to the citizen initiative process in Florida.

Twenty-eight times in the last half-century the citizens of Florida had the audacity to make policy without the permission of the governing class. Over the same period of time eighty percent of the proposed constitutional amendments on our ballots were put there by politicians and their appointees — not citizen petition initiatives. And government has also passed thousands of laws and regulations that affect our daily lives.

It’s no surprise that DeSantis signed HB5. He signaled that he would, and if press reports are to be believed, he

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