From Wikipedia:  While the word “hysteria” originates from the Greek word for uterus, hystera, the word itself, is not an ancient one, and the term “hysterical suffocation” — meaning a feeling of heat and inability to breathe — was instead used in ancient Greek medicine. This suggests an entirely physical cause for the symptoms but, by linking them to the uterus, suggests that the disorder can only be found in women.

Well, Ron DeSantis is definitely showing us that the disorder is not only found in women.

DeSantis appeared to be a little hysterical in confronting the media about their coverage of Andrew Gillum.

So much so that he lied about someone getting kicked out of the Legislature in Tallahassee. Now Marc Caputo of POLITICO Florida put it a little nicer in a tweet:

“It didn’t happen,” he wrote. Which sounds nicer than “He lied.” However, the latter is more straightforward and to the point, because that’s exactly what DeSantis did. 

He lied.

At this point, DeSantis KNOWS the media isn’t going to let an outburst like that go unchecked.

Hysterical Ron started rolling his neck and his already high, nasally voice got two octaves higher.

Talk about feeling the

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