Ron DeSantis comes up short in evangelical straw poll

Trump has more than 60% support.

The straw poll from this weekend’s Pray Vote Stand event is a mixed bag for Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The bad news: former President Donald Trump easily defeats DeSantis for the top spot, with 64% support against 27% for DeSantis. No other candidate got more than 2% on Saturday’s ballot.

The good news: DeSantis is the crowd favorite to be Vice President, with 25% support, well ahead of second place Sen. Tim Scott’s 19%.

DeSantis addressed the summit on Friday nights, with remarks about donning “the full armor of God,” a recurrent metaphor the Catholic Governor uses in talking to religious audiences.

“But across the country, I’m sometimes asked about the role that faith plays in my leadership as Governor. And, you know, I can only tell you from me, and what it’s like being in a high office. I don’t know how you could be a leader without having faith in God when you stand up for what’s right in this day and age.”

“That is not going to be cost free,” DeSantis continued.

“You are going to face blowback, you’re going to face attacks, you’re going to face smears, and it’s the faith in God

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