Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis kicked off his statewide “Thank You Tour” in New Port Richey this morning, promising to appoint conservative justices to the Florida Supreme Court and maintaining a state focus on job creation.

DeSantis won Pasco County over Democrat Andrew Gillum by 34,369 votes in November. Considering he won the race statewide by 32,463 votes after a machine recount, that shows the significance his victory in the single county played.

“We know we would not be here if it were not for you,” DeSantis told a crowd gathered at the Spartan Manor.

As for priorities, DeSantis told the crowd and press afterward that conservative appointments to the Supreme Court will be his first order of business. Gov. Jeb Bush reminded him earlier this week, DeSantis, that the new governor holds tremendous power in reshaping the court.

“He told me in one day I get as many appointment as he and Rick Scott had in 16 years,” DeSantis said.

Mandatory retirements will soon leave three openings on the high court.

DeSantis told press afterward he wants to appoint committed constitutionalists. Most importantly, he wants justices with a respect for separation

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