Ron DeSantis loops NYC Mayor into border crisis remarks, predicts 9/11-style attack

The Governor continues his tough talk about illegal immigration.

Ron DeSantis is telling Iowans that New York City’s issues illustrate the gravity of the illegal immigration crisis.

DeSantis, addressing supporters at a Never Back Down town hall event in Red Oak, cited Democratic Mayor Eric Adams’ words as proof that aggressive enforcement needs to happen at the U.S.-Mexican border.

If it doesn’t, DeSantis expects a terror attack similar to that on Sept. 11, 2001.

“You look at what’s happening in New York City. You actually have the mayor now of New York City, a liberal mayor having to say that this open border is destroying the city because it is. You can’t do this. So we see just the sheer number of people is too much,” said DeSantis, who went on to justify using “deadly force” against intruders with “hostile intent” such as alleged “cartel” members to “leave them stone cold dead at the border.”

Adams has spoken out against the effects of the “asylum seeker humanitarian crisis,” noting that it could lead to “substantial fiscal disruption” if left unchecked.

DeSantis was in New York this week for Sept. 11 commemorations, and that led him to renew his prediction that the

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