Ron DeSantis reveals he’s a ‘cookies and cream’ guy

The Governor hailed Iowa’s ‘really, really good’ ice cream when revealing his most favored flavor.

The mystery of the Florida Governor’s ice cream preferences has finally been solved.

In Pella, Iowa, Ron DeSantis told a room full of supporters that when it comes to picking his favorite flavor, one variety rises above the rest.

“Cookies and cream would probably be my favorite,” DeSantis revealed on Saturday.

The Governor extolled the dairy confections available in the Hawkeye State as well, saying there’s “good ice cream” in the state.

“I mean, it’s really, really good,” DeSantis emphasized.

However, it seems the DeSantis children deviate from their father’s ice cream preference.

He noted that after Friday’s Family Leader Forum in the state, his children got a “purple” ice cream variety.

DeSantis has had ample opportunity to weigh in on the sweet stuff during the campaign, occasionally making news while doing so.

Greeting a child in July, he asked the youngster what she was drinking.

“An ICEE, yeah? That’s probably a lot of sugar, huh?”

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