Ronna McDaniel: Republicans set to outpace Democrats in Florida voter registration. That’s just the beginning.

Thirteen years ago, there were 700,000 more Democrats in Florida than Republicans. Today, that advantage has shrunk to only 23,055.

The GOP is closing the gap in the Sunshine State, and much of that is thanks to Hispanic voters. More than 127,000 Hispanic Americans have switched their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican since 2018. If this trend continues, Republicans will surpass Democrats in registration for the first time in state history.

As we look ahead to the 2022 midterm elections, this trend is emblematic of how we’re planning to take back Congress.

The truth is, Democrats have long taken minority voters for granted. Identity politics and critical race theory are central to their push to dictate the issues they think voters should care about, the candidates they should support, and the party they should join.

But their praise of socialism and promises of government welfare fails to resonate with Hispanic voters in Florida, many of whom fled socialist and communist countries because of these very destructive ideologies.

Instead, they seek freedom and opportunity. They want a party that supports conservative policies like the sanctity of life, hard work, and patriotism.

And they’re finding it in the GOP.

A recent battleground

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