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Ghislaine Maxwell Has to Be Reminded to Clean Her ‘Very Dirty’ Cell, Federal Prosecutors Say

JOHANNES EISELEManhattan federal prosecutors have hit back after a lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell complained about her “detrimental” conditions last month, saying in a letter filed Tuesday that the real problem seems to be her failure to clean her “very dirty” cell and flush her toilet.The letter came in response to a complaint sent to a federal judge in February by a lawyer for the British socialite.Maxwell—who faces trial for grooming and trafficking girls for multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein—claimed she was forced to drink dirty tap water and eat unheated meals and that a guard “physically abused” her during a pat-down search at Metropolitan Detention Center.“The overall conditions of detention have had a detrimental impact on Ms. Maxwell’s health and overall well-being; and she is withering to a shell of her former self—losing weight, losing hair, and losing her ability to concentrate,” defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim wrote U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan.Manhattan federal prosecutors paint a very different picture, however. In their Tuesday filing, they say Maxwell is a healthy weight, doesn’t have any noticeable hair loss, received the COVID vaccine, and seems to

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